How to get a healthy and uniform tan this summer

Exposure to solar radiation has positive effects on our health. When it is moderate, physiological, biological and biochemical changes occur in our body that positively affect our metabolism. Solar exposure can increase vitality levels, induces a feeling of well-being, stimulates circulation and metabolic processes and encourages the formation of Vitamin D.

However, the sun favours skin dehydration, premature ageing and the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentations. In summer, it’s recommendable to provide skin with hydration, regeneration and sun protection. Hydration will provide skin with water (softness and flexibility); regeneration will provide strength and sun protection will give skin all the defenses it needs against the negative effects of the sun.

Why are the people with very fair complexions and others with darker skin? The answer lies in melanin.

What is melanin and how do we tan?

Melanin is a natural substance, a pigment that gives colour to our skin, eyes and hair. It’s also the pigment responsible for tanning. In addition, melanin has the important function of protecting us from the action of ultraviolet rays. It’s the defense system of our skin, which absorbs solar radiation transforming it into heat and preventing cellular damage.

Melanin is produced in cells located in the basal layer of the epidermis, known as melanocytes, and its production is activated when we are exposed to the sun. When a person is exposed, melanin synthesis in the melanocytes is activated to prevent the skin from burning and damaging the cell nucleus. This melanin production makes the skin darken and this process can take only 5-10 minutes after starting sun exposure.

I’s also the amount of melanin that we’re able of producing that determines our level of protection against sunlight. However, the protection of the melanin layer is not infallible and prolonged exposure to the sun can cause burns if the most elementary measures such as using sunscreen are not taken.

Why do dark spots and hyperpigmentations appear?

Skin spots are formed due to a higher concentration of melanin than normal in a specific area of our skin. There are different factors that can cause the skin to increase the amount of melanin such as the intake of certain medications, genetic and hormonal factors, damaged keratinocytes and, of course, sun exposure.

Sun exposure is a natural activator of melanin and if we have been exposed to the sun for long periods of our lives without protection, our skin has absorbed a lot of radiation and the number of melanosomes that produce more melanin increases. This process becomes chronic and, therefore, by increasing the time of sun exposure, we increase the number of melanocytes that work in the production of melanin.

How to prevent the effects of the sun on the skin to achieve a healthy and uniform tan

Cabin treatments

  • Chemical exfoliation: to prepare skin to receive the first rays of sun, we recommend a facial and a body peel to eliminate dead cells and leave the skin smooth, uniform and clean to achieve a uniform tan. We recommend a very gentle facial peel to be carried out weeks before sun exposure such as Mandelic Peel 30 and a body peel with our Soothing Body Peel.
  • Hydration: The stratum corneum is the most superficial layer of the epidermis and is in contact with the outside. Its function is to protect skin from dehydration and external aggressions. To avoid a greater tendency to sunburn and dryness due to lack of water in the skin, we recommend medical-aesthetic treatments with mesotherapy with high concentrations of antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acid and minerals such as TKN HA Glowcomplex, TKN HA Oligovit, Anti-Pollution Cocktail, Polivitamin BCAE, among others.
  • Protection: Our Sun Protection Cream SPF50 is the best ally to protect skin after treatments with chemical peelings or mesotherapy. Why? Because exposing freshly treated skin to the sun could lead to new pigmentation problems. Remember to recommend your clients to use it every day to maintain a healthy skin!

At home

To maximise the results of professional treatments, don’t forget to recommend your patients a daily routine they can follow at home to exfoliate, hydrate and protect skin.

Hydration and protection are the two most important steps since you have to give your skin plenty of water and protect it from external aggressions. This means providing your skin with hyaluronic acid and many antioxidants. We recommend applying these active ingredients using cosmetics with high concentrations of HA such as TOSKANI Anti-ageing + HA ampoules. Their ability to retain water improves skin hydration and reduces the depth of wrinkles and expression lines.

You can also use Lipo-Proteoglycans ampoules at times when skin needs a shock treatment. An ideal time for application is after sun exposure since proteoglycans are able to completely restore hydration and regenerate skin in depth.

Lastly, don’t forget to protect your skin against sun rays and environmental damage on a daily basis as these can cause premature ageing and the appearance of dark spots. For this reason, we recommend our Anti-Pollution ampoules in the morning, followed by Anti-Pollution Total Defense Cream, which protects from sunlight and external aggressions.