TOSKANI keeps growing! Take a look at our shiny new offices

We are an international cosmetics company from Barcelona with more than 36 years of experience, dedicated to develop medical-aesthetic treatments to solve all skin concerns.

Over the past years, we have undergone many changes in our organisation. We continue to grow rapidly and as a natural step in our trajectory, we needed more space.

After months of preparations and some difficult work done by our colleagues involved in the process, we’ve have finally moved into our new office. We are incredibly excited about our new headquarters. The building is bright, spacious, comfortable and welcoming. We enjoy larger workspaces, more meeting and conference rooms, spacious reception and warehouses and our laboratory.

The modern, open-concept and larger office space gives us plenty of room for our existing staff and also room to grow and take on more people in the future to help our growing customer base. We’re constantly growing!

We have also expanded our warehouse facilities. Our new warehouse is automated by latest-generation technologies and has a new area for cosmetic kits. In less than a year, we have already enlarged our facilities and we’ve built an additional 1206 sqm warehouse to be able to respond to our growth demands.

As per our training centre in Barcelona, we’re also making important changes. By the end of 2021 we’ll have a new Training Centre and Clinical Trials Unit. A new 285sqm building in the 22@ innovation district in Barcelona.

The new headquarters and warehouses have been designed according to our company’s trajectory, philosophy and values, offering functionality and hosting the latest technology. With our new building, we unify all TOSKANI facilities and maintain the growth process with a constant commitment to R&D&I. Our goal is to keep offering impeccable services to our customers and distributors.

We consider these steps as the beginning of another chapter in our history and we’d like to thank all the teams involved in this project for transforming this great place into a perfect one.

This is just a sneak peek of our new office, to give you an idea of where we’ll be while powering and supporting you.

Thank you for being with us throughout this growth and if you are in the area, feel free to stop by and say hello!


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