TOSKANI in the media - January and February 2020

Beauty magazines, experts and dermatologists love TOSKANI. Discover what they say about our brand:  

Vida Estética

Starting 2020 with the right foot! Vida Estetica, the prestigious Spanish magazine included our new TKN MesojectGun mesotherapy device among their pages since it's the only needle free device to work with mesotherapy. Since we also recently launched the new Body Expert 360 line, the magazine also featured our new Soothing Body Peel in the must-have section of "it" products for the season. If that wasn't enough, Vida Estetica also sent a mailing to all their database introducing the new Body Expert 360 line to get rid of cellulite and achieve a perfect silhouette in time for the summer.

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Reduce, drain and reaffirm. The three fundamental steps of the new Body Expert 360 treatment

Every year around this time, we kick off our particular battles against cellulite, or at least it’s what we should be doing since winter is the best time for this type of treatment.

If you’re a woman, it’s very likely that you have cellulite to some degree, since it affects approximately 90% of women, a fact that explains its priority in medical aesthetic research.

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Discover the TOSKANI Anti-Pollution Revolution

Environmental pollution is one of the worst enemies for our skin because it accelerates the biological age of our skin. Although the skin acts as a protective barrier against environmental aggressions, air pollutants and microparticles, these can weaken our barrier and its consequences can be multiple:

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Discover our Purifying 360º treatment, the must-have treatment in your beauty center to treat acne effectively

Maximise the results at your beauty center treating acne-prone and oily skins with TOSKANI Purifying Starter Kit mesotherapy treatment. At TOSKANI we have a wide range of mesotherapy treatments to treat all sorts of skin problems: the Meso Starter Kits. The goal of these kits is to offer the beauty professional a kit that includes the best combinations of products to achieve the best results.

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