TKN MesojectGun

A needle-free mesotherapy gun powered by Pulse Booster technology. An innovative technique for the administration of mesotherapy actives into the skin with maximum efficiency and minimal invasiveness. Pulse Booster technology delivers mesotherapy actives in a precise and safe way by emitting pulses of perfect square wave at a low frequency and voltage for maximum effectiveness with zero invasiveness.  
Benefits for the skin
Increases collagen synthesis
Improves microcirculation in the skin
Stimulates cell metabolism
Slows cell ageing
Improves connective tissue
Uniform administration of actives in the skin
Deep penetration of actives into the skin
Visible and effective results from the first session
Favours tissue recovery, preventing patient discomfort

  • Less invasive than microneedling techniques
  • Ergonomic handle, innovative design
  • It can be used to introduce any TOSKANI mesotherapy solution into the skin
  • TKN MesojectGun has two different heads (MesoHair and MesoSkin) that can be used on multiple parts of the body (face, scalp, hands, abdomen, legs, etc.).
  • Allows beauticians to work with TOSKANI meso and obtain excellent results
  • Protocols and clinical trials specially designed for this device
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