2 x 20ml Ampoule

TOSKANI Asiacen is an anti-cellulite cocktail created from a combination of purified plant extracts of Hedera, Fucus and Centella. These ingredients act at the cellulite node, increasing irrigation, facilitating drainage of the tissue and increasing the calorigenic yield thereof. Hedera extract helps with vasoregulation activity, which reinforces capillary resistance with a consistent increase of blood flow, thus improving the elimination of toxins. Fucus extract promotes lipid metabolism and oxidation of fatty acids and Centella extract helps stop the formation of fibers that trap cellulite nodules and increase the flexibility of the tissue connection, stimulating the formation of connective tissues and improving venous return, specially in the areas where cellulite is found.

  • Cellulite I-III grades
  • Flaccidity
  • Tissue edema
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