20 x 5ml Ampoule

TOSKANI Cosmetics DM Silk is a mesotherapy product that improves the synthesis of collagen and elastin and provides a strong firming effect to achieve facial rejuvenation. DM Silk also regulates and normalises the hydration of tissue, metabolism and cell division. This TOSKANI Cosmetics formula is made of Organic Silicon and DMAE. Organic Silicon regenerates tissues, participates in the formation of collagen and elastic and prevents the cross-linking that gives rigidity to the connective tissue that causes premature ageing. DMAE has well-known firming and tightening effects on the skin as it improves contractility of dermal miofribroblastos producing a skin lift. At the cellular level, DMAE stabilises the cell membrane that protects it from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. It also prevents the loss of cell nutrients and helps eliminate toxins.

  • Facial firming
  • Body sagging
  • Adjuvant in anti-ageing therapy
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