Matrix Repair Line

Our Matrix Repair line restores skin and keeps it healthy thanks to the production of new collagen. This line re-balances the volume of the face with a filling effect and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


Matrix Repair Mesoserum

Matrix Repair Mesoserum is a powerful serum, which restores the volume of the skin. Thanks to the synergy of the active ingredients the skin becomes denser, firmer and more elastic. The depth of the wrinkles on the forehead, nasal furrows and lip contour areas decreases whilst the thickness of the extracellular matrix increases, resulting in an improvement in the retention of water and endogenous nutrients by the epidermis.


Matrix Repair Cream

Matrix Repair Cream is a product created to densify the facial oval and provide a lifting effect. It restores the skin and keeps it healthy thanks to the production of new collagen. Also Matrix Repair Cream slows down ageing thanks to the contribution of nutrients and the strengthening of the cell membranes.


Antiaging Eye Contour

Antiaging Eye Contour is a specially formulated moisturising serum to minimise the look of fatigue, treat wrinkles, refresh the eye area, moisturise and calm the delicate skin around the eyes. Its active ingredients that work in synergy to resist wrinkle appearance, diminish wrinkles and expression lines already formed. It also helps prevent the loss of firmness, helps skin return to its natural health and provides an overall rejuvenating effect.


Beauty Secret

Use Clarifying Peel Booster twice a week (at night) to activate synthesis of collagen and elastin, to slow down the skin pigment production and to rejuvenate skin.

In TOSKANI we have developed a wide range of products for skin care and a diary that are the perfect complement for those affected in aesthetic centers.

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